Before the Message – January 15 & 16

This weekend we will look at Psalm 2 as we consider true blessedness or happiness.

Richard Lovelace once wrote, “It is an item of faith that we are children of God, but there is plenty of experience in us against that.  So the faith that surmounts the evidence and is able to warm itself at the fire of God’s love, instead of stealing love and self acceptance from other sources is actually the root of holiness.”

Where Lovelace uses the word holiness, I think we could also use the word happiness.

Where do you steal love and self acceptance?

This weekend we will consider the ways we do this and how to practice what Psalm 2 shows us about being blessed.

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1 Response to Before the Message – January 15 & 16

  1. I think I tend to look for happiness from others praises and being thought of as a”great guy”…. your message was inspiring last week Kurt.

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